In 2003 some 72% of Americans fully supported the Abandoning of the Missions and those Sent to Accomplish so extremely Quickly after 9/11!!

At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11", Decades and War From, All Over Again!!

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

CIA interrogation centres known as ‘black sites’

The dark side
August 06, 2014 - In the aftermath of 9/11, CIA interrogation centres known as ‘black sites’ were set up outside the US to run a secret programme where suspected terrorists were subjected to ‘enhanced interrogation techniques’. Parallel to this, another practice called ‘extraordinary rendition’ was incorporated by means of which suspected terrorists were transferred into the custody of a foreign government for the purpose of ‘interrogation’. Both the secret detention and extraordinary rendition programme were highly classified. The purpose of conducting these programmes outside the US was to keep the interrogation process beyond the reach of US law. read more>>>

Top senator rejects CIA torture report redactions ahead of public release
Senate intelligence committee chair Dianne Feinstein threatens to delay release in an attempt to reverse deletion of ‘key facts’

5 August 2014 - The key senator behind a landmark congressional investigation into the CIA’s use of torture has rejected redactions made by the Obama administration ahead of a planned public release of the politically charged report.

In the latest struggle between senator Dianne Feinstein, the California Democrat who chairs the intelligence committee, and the CIA, Feinstein said she would delay a heavily anticipated disclosure of portions of the report in an attempt to reverse redactions that “eliminate or obscure key facts that support the report’s findings and conclusions”.

“Until these redactions are addressed to the committee’s satisfaction, the report will not be made public,” said Feinstein, who added that she intended to outline the committee’s desired disclosures in a private letter to President Barack Obama. read more>>>

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