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Friday, April 5, 2013

Tens Years After, the Flip Floppin Media on Iraq

Truth dawns: 11 years late
04 April 2013 - BBC Panorama marked the 10th anniversary of the Iraq war by taking apart the "lies" behind WMD "intelligence."

Unfortunately, before the Iraq war, when it actually counted, Panorama said exactly the opposite. In Sepember 2002 journalist Jane Corbin's programme The Case Against Saddam was full of the same "lies" that built the case for war in the first place.

Panorama's eventual takedown of the war lies was an efficient job, but sadly 11 years too late.

The current edition of Panorama put much emphasis on "defectors" with fake stories about Iraqi WMD - but in 2002 Panorama broadcast one of the worst of them.

Back then the programme told viewers that "there is the testimony of recent defectors who brought out new information about his weapons programme.

"Some are unreliable but we've spoken to two who we understand are believed to be credible in what they say about the Iraqi regime."

Except they weren't credible. Panorama gave screen time to Iraqi engineer Adnan al-Haideri, saying WMD "have been hidden away in heavily populated areas, even under a hospital in Baghdad." read more>>>

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