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At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Secret Testimony to Brit Iraq War Inquiry: Libya Bigger Threat

As we get closer to the long delayed release of the Chilcot British Iraq War Inquiry final report, supposed to finally come out in a few months, it seems the information damn is cracking and some of that information, not given in public testimony, is leaking out. This isn't the first as in the past recent number of weeks other information had started flowing slowly out.

Tony Blair and Iraq: The damning evidence

After abandoning, very quickly, the main missions of why we sent our military into that region, and as that still finally winds down in attempts to accomplish at least a small fraction of.

Secret testimony to Chilcot Inquiry by British intelligence shows former PM 'accepted Libya was a bigger threat'

07 April 2013 - Hitherto unseen evidence given to the Chilcot Inquiry by British intelligence has revealed that former prime minister Tony Blair was told that Iraq had, at most, only a trivial amount of weapons of mass destruction (WMD) and that Libya was in this respect a far greater threat.

Intelligence officers have disclosed that just the day before Mr Blair went to visit president George Bush in April 2002, he appeared to accept this but returned a "changed man" and subsequently ordered the production of dossiers to "find the intelligence" that he wanted to use to justify going to war.

This and other secret evidence (given in camera) to the inquiry will, The Independent on Sunday understands, be used as the basis for severe criticism of the former prime minister when the Chilcot report is published. read more>>>

And remember when Gadhafi and his regime were one of the 'evils' in the world and considered criminal terrorists supporters by the U.S. and labeled so, continued at first in the bush regime, well:

Bush embraces Libyan terrorist Gadhafi, and all is forgiven. (Did someone say, “Oil”?)
Apr 07, 2013 - Now, however, the Bush administration has decided that, his terrorist credentials notwithstanding, Gadhafi isn’t such a bad guy after all. It has decided to resume full diplomatic relations with Libya. Just as, during Stalinist times or in Mao’s China, a ruling regime’s once-shunned political opponents were occasionally brought back into official favor and very publicly “rehabilitated,” so has Team Bush deemed the democracy-crushing Libyan strongman worthy of its goodwill, no matter how many deaths he may have caused, at home or abroad.


“Today marks the opening of a new era in U.S.-Libya relations that will benefit Americans and Libyans alike,” U.S. Secretary of State Condeleeza Rice‘s obligatory statement about the new policy said. read more>>>

And not long after the bush regime made the Gadhafi a good bud of the U.S., much like Saddam once was, the CIA brought them into the fold of the CIA rendition secret prisons to torture those picked up and suspected of being criminal terrorist members of al Qaeda, delivering some of Gadhafi's enemies right into his hands!

Brown University - Iraq: 10 Years After Costs of War - Research Papers

Costs of War Project

Confronting the "Moral Bankruptcy" of Iraq War's Liberal Supporters

The British Iraq War Inquiry
In the above link, yet to be officially released, delayed till summer of 2013 supposedly, is the site of the often called 'Chilcot Inquiry', you will find these

24 November 2009 - Even before Bush's administration came to power an article written by his then national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, warned that "nothing will change" in Iraq until Saddam was gone

27 November 2009 - But there was a 'sea change' in attitude after the atrocities, with former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice targeting Iraq on the very day of the outrage.

30 November 2009 - George Bush tried to make a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida in a conversation with Tony Blair three days after the 9/11 attacks, according to Blair's foreign policy adviser of the time.

1 December 2009 - There was "a touching belief [in Washington] that we shouldn't worry so much about the aftermath because it was all going to be sweetness and light".

3 December 2009 - Boyce mentions the "dysfunctionalism" of Washington. He says that he would find himself briefing his American counterparts on what was happening in different parts of the US administration. Rumsfeld was not sharing information

Written Transcripts by Date of each session.

Oral Evidence by Date

Witnesses who have given oral evidence in public

Declassified Documents

And more, we still have nothing on what went on behind closed doors and may or may not with the final report, if and when it's released.

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