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Friday, February 10, 2012

ChiTown War Protesters Get $6,2M

Typical media spin, shelling out tax payers money, i.e. those doing the protesting taxes, on peaceful 1st amendment rights to question strongly the policies of the government of the people, unlike the positive spins of the loaded weapons at huge gatherings or spitting on government reps by what are called tea party members!

Chicago settles with war protesters for $6M
February 09, 2012 - Chicago taxpayers will be shelling out more than $6 million to demonstrators and others arrested during an anti-war protest back in 2003.

City lawyers have agreed to settle a class-action lawsuit involving those arrests.

The $6.2 million settlement could have implications on how police handle protesters during the upcoming G8 and NATO summits in Chicago.

When a federal judge recent ridiculed what he saw as the "idiocy" of the city's policies on protests, it paved the wave for this settlement and changes to how police handle demonstrators.

The day after bombs began to fall in Baghdad, thousands of people took to the streets in Chicago to protest. After taking over the Mag Mile and Lake Shore Drive, police essentially penned them in.

"They are telling people you have to go back to Lake Shore Drive. When people go back to Lake Shore Drive, they tell you to go back to Michigan Avenue. Basically we're pinned in," said one protester seen in a home video from 2003.

"I just didn't know there was a problem, that bad things were going to happen," said 2003 war protester Cheryl Angelaccio. read more>>>

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