In 2003 some 72% of Americans fully supported the Abandoning of the Missions and those Sent to Accomplish so extremely Quickly after 9/11!!

At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11", Decades and War From, All Over Again!!

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Friday, June 6, 2014

Brit Iraq War Inquiry: Families Deserve to Know

Families deserve truth over Iraq - Newport MP
5th June 2014 - The grieving families of the 179 British soldiers killed in the Iraq War deserve "every syllable of the truth" as they try to find closure, a veteran backbencher has said.

Labour MP for Newport West Paul Flynn told the Commons that relatives needed the full facts rather than a censored report containing "suspicions of an establishment cover-up".

His comment came after it emerged only "gists" of conversations between Tony Blair and President Bush - rather than complete transcripts - would be published by the Chilcot Inquiry, which is at least four years late. read more>>>

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