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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Blair Responds on Recent Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry Reports

Iraq Inquiry: Time to publish findings, says Nick Clegg
15 April 2014 - It is time to "get on" with publishing the findings of the Iraq Inquiry, which began its work almost five years ago, Nick Clegg has said.

The panel, under Sir John Chilcot, has become involved in arguments with Whitehall officials over which documents can be disclosed.

The deputy prime minister said Sir John would like to finish his work "as soon as possible".

The Cabinet Office said discussions over documents should end "shortly".

The inquiry was set up in June 2009 and heard from final witnesses in February 2011.

It examined the background to the war, the conduct of military operations, post-war planning and the UK's role in post-war security and governance until British troops left in 2009. read more>>>

Tony Blair strikes back at Nick Clegg over Chilcot report into Iraq war
14 April 2014 - Tony Blair hit back at Nick Clegg on Monday after the Deputy Prime Minister condemned the delays dogging publication of Sir John Chilcot’s Iraq inquiry report.

The former Labour Prime Minister also took a swipe at the Coalition’s “inaction” over the three-year-long civil war in Syria.

The Independent disclosed that the Iraq report will not be published until 2015 at the earliest, six years after the Chilcot inquiry was ordered.

That could mean the next general election being fought against the backdrop of heavy criticism of the Blair government’s support for the US-led invasion of Iraq.

Mr Clegg wanted those who faced criticism in the long-awaited document to accept that “it is just time to get this report published”.

He said: “This was one of the most momentous, in my view one of the most catastrophic decisions in British foreign policy - I would say the most catastrophic decision - since Suez.

“It is quite right that as a country we learn the lessons, we understand the truth and that those who might not like to be subject to further scrutiny subject themselves to the further scrutiny which will be included in the Chilcot report”. read more>>>

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