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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Going Beyond the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry Report

Iraqi invasion needs international probe Go beyond the Chilcot Report?
With David Cameron issuing an ultimatum to the Sri Lankan Government on investigating alleged war crimes, there are many reports in the media of the delay in the UK releasing the report of the Chilcot Commission on the UK 's role in the Iraqi invasion. This matter was raised at some of the CHOGM related press conferences held in recent days, too.

In an interview with a Sunday newspaper in Colombo , the UK Foreign Secretary William Hague sought to dispel doubts about the Chilcot report being released and assured it will be out soon.

Reports about the delay in publishing this internal probe by the UK to its role in the Iraqi war, indicate that even if released, this report of a probe held due to strong and persistent demands by the British public, will be subject to heavy censorship by the government to please its ally, the United States, which it readily supported in the invasion. The US objections are mainly to do with the disclosures of the position taken by President George W Bush in exchanges with Prime Minister Tony Blair, and other related diplomatic and military issues relating to the invasion and the conduct of the war in Iraq . The US considers such information as classified or privileged material that should not be disclosed.

The Independent (UK) of November 14, 2013, published a lead story that said the US Department of State's objection to release of key evidence may prevent inquiry's conclusions from ever being published, except in heavily redacted form.

It said that: " Washington is playing the lead role in delaying the publication of the long-awaited report into how Britain went to war with Iraq . read more>>>

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