In 2003 some 72% of Americans fully supported the Abandoning of the Missions and those Sent to Accomplish so extremely Quickly after 9/11!!

At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11", Decades and War From, All Over Again!!

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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Targeted Response to Syrian Chemical Attack

Why did the British Parliament vote not to join the U.S. in any strike against Syria, easy, politics and fear of what's coming out from recent past.

Unlike this country, which quickly ran from any and all accountability that the world wanted, especially those long occupied, and left everything on the table that was done and have yet to demand they sacrifice, including the pro-peace coalitions almost in mass, as the demand for those serving and their families did, and pay for either war but especially, DeJa-Vu all over again, the results from as to those sent into theaters, the Veterans Administration, doing what we always have done, ignore the issues from war as the Veterans' fight for what is owed them, while suffering and dying from those results of war, no Inquiries nor Indictments have been demanded.

That run from accountability, as did the abandoning of Afghanistan and invasion of Iraq, led to the spread and growth of the al Qaeda type ideologies of criminal international terrorism and the destruction from since!

Instead laying all blame on the incoming executive branch which now is in it's second term, the Brits actually did War Inquiries on their participation in that war of choice: Welcome to the website of the UK's Iraq Inquiry. Not only on the war itself and what led to but also Inquiries on torture and deaths of Iraqi's in British custody in Iraq and Renditions. The Dutch also did and some Australians are still seeking their own.

If this country had done, as a law abiding leader on human rights etc., supposedly, as it still condemns others for the same done while abandoning Afghanistan and invading Iraq with flag waving cheers, the same, the arguments against a strike would be different and justified. Back when some 70%plus were cheering the abandoning of the missions we sent our military into that region for and wanting to invade Iraq which had no connection to those missions resulting from 9/11! Yesterday a poll was taken showing some 80%, meaning under, were against a targeted strike on Syria for using chemical weapons against it's own people, innocent civilians, children! Again those figures, 70plus, 80minus, get the point!.

Keep in mind where France stood back then, freedom fries anyone, and the comments about Syria coming now.

The Brit Iraq War Inquiry is once again delayed in public release, why, because of the politics in fights to suppress some of what can come out from the behind closed doors private testimonies and government reports especially, the rest is still public and accessible, supposedly now to be publicly released next year and not the already delayed this year.

They suddenly didn't get a conscious, they dug deeper into their political fears.

Exclusive: Chilcot report into Iraq conflict will not be released until 2014 as David Cameron echoes Tony Blair with 'moral case' for war
Latest setback blamed on continuing difficulties in negotiations between inquiry team and Cabinet Office

28 August 2013 - The Iraq Inquiry, given the task of finding the “lessons that can be learned” from the military action Tony Blair ordered against Saddam Hussein, will not publish its long-awaited report until next year.

With David Cameron now preparing military action against Syria, the further delay of Sir John Chilcot’s report - supposed to “equip” future UK governments to deal with “similar situations” to the Iraq conflict – points to its immediate relevance already having been lost.

The 2014 publication date means the inquiry will now be offering judgement and insight into covert political policies and events, such as the UK’s pre-9-11 Iraq strategy, a full 14 years after they took place.

The Independent has learned that continuing difficulties in the negotiations between the inquiry team and the Cabinet Office over how much disclosed material can be made public in the report, has contributed to the push-back. read more>>>

Just a touch of what came out in the public hearings in the early days of in the bush administration Neo-Con war cabal:

24 November 2009 - Even before Bush's administration came to power an article written by his then national security adviser, Condoleezza Rice, warned that "nothing will change" in Iraq until Saddam was gone

27 November 2009 - But there was a 'sea change' in attitude after the atrocities, with former national security adviser Condoleezza Rice targeting Iraq on the very day of the outrage.

30 November 2009 - George Bush tried to make a connection between Iraq and al-Qaida in a conversation with Tony Blair three days after the 9/11 attacks, according to Blair's foreign policy adviser of the time.

1 December 2009 - There was "a touching belief [in Washington] that we shouldn't worry so much about the aftermath because it was all going to be sweetness and light".

3 December 2009 - Boyce mentions the "dysfunctionalism" of Washington. He says that he would find himself briefing his American counterparts on what was happening in different parts of the US administration. Rumsfeld was not sharing information

Written Transcripts by Date of each session.

Oral Evidence by Date

Witnesses who have given oral evidence in public

Declassified Documents

This also could have been on their minds if the public release of the Inquiry tries to whitewash the testimonies or the politics win out in surpressing:

UK Spy Warns of Iraq War Disclosures
2013-07-25 - For more than a decade since the Iraq invasion, President Bush, Prime Minister Blair and their senior aides have stuck to the story of innocent intelligence mistakes and evaded accountability. But the code of silence may crack if top British spy Richard Dearlove tells his story, says ex-UK intelligence officer Annie Machon.

In a surprising statement last weekend, the former head of Great Britain’s foreign intelligence-gathering agency, MI6, suggested that he might break the code of omerta around the fraudulent intelligence case – including the so-called “dodgy dossier” – that was used as the pretext for the Iraq War in 2003.

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