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At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Brutal Prison Torture During Iraq War

Baghdad’s Camp Nama: brutal prison torture during Iraq war revealed
2 April 2013 - A U.S. detention facility in Baghdad, shrouded in secrecy during the Iraq war, has been disparaged by British military officers speaking out about the human rights abuses they witnessed.

British army personnel from two RAF squadrons, and one Army Air Corps squadron, were given guard and transport duties at the secret prison during the Iraq war, UK newspaper the Guardian reported on Tuesday.

The paper quoted one British serviceman, who served at Nama, recalling the rights abuses he witnessed.

“I saw one man having his prosthetic leg being pulled off him, and being beaten about the head with it before he was thrown on to the truck,” the unnamed serviceman said.

The report highlighted that the joint U.S.-UK special forces unit, Codenamed Task Force 121 (TF 121), had initially been deployed to detain individuals thought to have information about Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction.

But when information on WMDs dried out, the unit was “re-tasked with tracking down people who might know where the deposed dictator and his loyalists might be, and then with catching al-Qaeda leaders who sprang up in the country after the regime collapsed,” the Guardian reported. read more>>>

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