In 2003 some 72% of Americans fully supported the Abandoning of the Missions and those Sent to Accomplish so extremely Quickly after 9/11!!

At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
DeJa-Vu: “With no shared sacrifices being asked of civilians after Sept. 11", Decades and War From, All Over Again!!

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Al-Qaida and Jihadist Spread

With the quick abandoning of the main missions of why the military were sent into that region and the growing louder drum beats pointed at Iraq those that led, on trumped up intelligence, created the perfect storm for recruitment and blowback retaliation spreading the al Qaida style criminal international terrorism far beyond the region!

Al-Qaida and the Wider Jihadist Phenomenon
27 March 2013 - Four months ago, the Oxford Research Group briefing analysed the status of the al-Qaida movement (Al-Qaida - The Potency of an Idea, November 2012). It argued that the assumption that the movement was in retreat should be treated with caution and that while al-Qaida was no longer a closely structured and integrated organisation, the idea was very much alive and had a potency that was not being fully recognised. Developments in the past four months support this view and make it advisable to update the analysis. Given the trend towards socio-economic marginalisation, it would be wise to assume that radical and violent social movements still have significant traction.

The al-Qaida Context

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