Thursday, January 31, 2013

No More 'Secret Censor' at Gitmo Trials

Guantanamo Judge Eliminates Secret Censor At 9/11 Trial
GUANTANAMO NAVY BASE, Cuba -- 01/31/2013 -- The military judge handling the trial of five detainees charged in connection with the Sept. 11 attacks ordered the government on Thursday to disable the ability of any outside party to cut off the broadcast of the court proceedings.

Col. James L. Pohl said this week would be "the last time" that any third party "will be able to unilaterally decide" when the court closes. An anonymous outside censor -- almost certainly the CIA -- cut off the feed earlier this week when a lawyer for Khalid Sheikh Muhammed began discussing his motion to make the government preserve the secret black sites overseas where his client was tortured by the CIA, in order to protect any evidence. Pohl admitted on Tuesday that he wasn't aware of the audio-visual capabilities of the multimillion-dollar secure courtroom facility.

"I order the government to disconnect any ability for any third party to unilaterally suspend the broadcast of these proceedings," Pohl said in court on Thursday, reading from a prepared statement. read more>>>

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