Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Guantanamo Judge Furious

After Surprise Censorship During 'Black Sites' Testimony
GUANTANAMO NAVY BASE, Cuba -- Jan. 29, 2013 -- Someone else besides the judge and security officer sitting inside the maximum-security court here can impose censorship on what the public can see and hear at the Sept. 11 trial, it was disclosed Monday.

The role of an outside censor became clear when the audio turned to white noise during a discussion of a motion about the CIA's black sites.

Confusion ensued. A military escort advised reporters that the episode was a glitch, a technical error. A few minutes later, the public was once again allowed to listen into the proceedings and Army Col. James Pohl, the judge, made clear that neither he nor his security officer was responsible for the censorship episode. read more>>>

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