Saturday, December 29, 2012

Anguish for families, Iraq War report is delayed again

There really, much came out in the public inquiries but those testimonies taken in private still unknown, must be plenty in the report that many want to keep hidden for as long as possible!

Anguish for families as Iraq report is delayed again: Publication held back after ongoing security row
27 December 2012 - Relatives of soldiers killed in Iraq spoke of their prolonged agony as it emerged the inquiry into the war has been delayed until late next year.

Sir John Chilcot’s report, initially due out in 2011, has been beset by more delays due to an ongoing secrecy row with the Government, which is blocking publication of classified documents.

A source revealed it is now likely to be published at the end of next year if not early 2014 if the issues are not resolved soon.

Reg Keys, whose son Lance Corporal Tom Keys was killed in Iraq in 2003 aged 20, said the new delay was ‘frustrating’ and suggested waiting any longer would diminish its impact.

The inquiry was set up by Gordon Brown three years ago to get to the bottom of the Government’s decision to join the USA in going to war against Saddam Hussein in March 2003, and conduct right up to the withdrawal of British troops in July 2009.

But Sir John’s five-strong panel of academics and former diplomats have met resistance from the civil service to publishing key documents, in particular transcripts of phone conversations between George W Bush and Tony Blair in the run-up to the conflict. read more>>>

Blair’s war crimes blocks Iraq inquiry

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