Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Brit Iraq Inquiry: Peers Worried

Iraq Inquiry: Peers worried over 'considerable delay' to report's release
29 October 2012 - Peers have expressed concerns about the length of time being taken by the Iraq Inquiry to publish its conclusions.

The Chilcot committee is not expected to hand its final report to the prime minister until the end of 2013, more than a decade after the 2003 conflict.

Lib Dem peer Lord Dykes said there had been a "considerable delay" and the sooner it was published the better.

For the government, Lord Strathclyde said the inquiry was independent and was determined to be thorough and fair.

The inquiry has been looking into the reasons why the UK joined the US and other nations in going to war against Saddam Hussein, as well as the UK's role in post-war Iraq since 2009 - the year British troops left the country.

The last public hearing took place in February 2011, since when the five-strong committee has been drawing together the huge amount of evidence received and seeking the release of further classified documents from the government for inclusion in the report. read more>>>

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