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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Blairs Iraq war files will stay secret for three decades

Sounds like what the bush did as they entered in regards to all his daddy's records and his, if memory serves!

But, while some in the British press hammer as wasteful, we should get a better understanding of the why they want these hidden with the delayed release of the Chilcot Iraq War Inquiry. A number of the testimony, which is now already public, told much, especially in the beginning as to what was going on in this country in relation to 9/11 and Iraq within the bush administration, as well as the rest taking place in Britain.

Cabinet's Iraq war files will stay secret for three decades after publication is blocked by Attorney General
1 August 2012 - Secret Cabinet papers on the decision to invade Iraq could be kept from the public for three decades.

The crucial minutes of ministerial meetings in 2003 were approved for release under Freedom of Information laws but blocked at the last minute by the Attorney General.

Dominic Grieve’s ruling yesterday is a repeat of the decision made by Jack Straw in 2009 over the same papers.

‘In the interests of transparency I believe that these minutes should be revealed to the public, not least because there are very substantial questions about the extent to which the Cabinet was informed about the proposal to go to war with the US against Saddam Hussein or even had the opportunity to debate them.’ read more>>>

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