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Thursday, May 10, 2012

British military under pressure over Afghan prisoners

Concern mounts over rising number of detainees and legality of transferring prisoners to Afghan intelligence service
9 May 2012 - British military detention operations in Afghanistan are coming under increasing scrutiny in the UK courts, as the number of prisoners continues to grow and concern mounts that men handed over to the Kabul government are facing severe mistreatment.

The high court is to be asked to rule on the legality of transfers to the Afghan intelligence service, the National Directorate of Security (NDS), whose use of torture has been the subject of complaints by the United Nations as well as Afghan and international human rights groups.

The British military is feeling increasingly hamstrung in dealing with captured Taliban suspects, who can be held only for 96 hours unless a UK government minister signs an order permitting 30 days' detention for questioning.

Criticisms from human rights groups and judgments in the UK courts have prevented the transfer of prisoners to NDS facilities, where torture has been well documented, while detainees cannot be handed over the US military as they would face indefinite detention without trial, which could also be challenged in the UK courts. Other Nato forces have also halted transfers to the NDS or Afghan police. read more>>>

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