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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

CIA Rendition Flights: False Routing Information for Flights

Finland may have been false destination for CIA flight
Suspected extraordinary rendition flight flew directly to Lithuania with no stop in Finland

8.11.2011 - The flight of a chartered plane with the registration number N733MA with a flight plan to Helsinki-Vantaa Airport in March 2006, apparently never landed in Finland.

According to flight records, the plane apparently it flew directly to its final destination – Palanga airport in Lithuania.

The US Central intelligence Agency is believed to have run a secret detention centre in an old equestrian school in Lithuania in the previous decade. Suspected terrorists are believed to have been held and interrogated there.

On Monday, the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs was under the impression that the plane had landed in Finland. On Thursday it came out that the aviation authority Finavia had made a mistaken entry in its records.

Suspicions have been raised that the flight might have been used for the transport of prisoners from Tunisia to a secret detention facility operated in Lithuania by the CIA. read more>>>

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