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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Lithuania Re-open CIA Torture Site Inquiry!

Reprieve calls on Lithuania to re-open CIA torture site inquiry after discovering suspicious flight into Vilnius
29 September 2011 - Legal action charity Reprieve is demanding that Lithuanian authorities revive their failed inquiry into CIA ‘black sites’ after a Freedom of Information request – made in conjunction with Access Info Europe – uncovered a mysterious flight into the country’s capital during the relevant period.

The flight, which was either not noticed or not revealed by Lithuania’s two official inquiries into local rendition complicity, demonstrates the inadequacy of previous attempts to get to the bottom of damaging allegations that have been gathering pace over the last two years.

In response to an investigation by ABC News in 2009, a Lithuanian Parliamentary inquiry admitted that, on 18 February 2005, American private jet N787WH had landed briefly in Lithuania en route from Romania. Reprieve and other independent investigators had previously accused both Romania and Lithuania of hosting secret CIA prisons, where alleged terrorists were held incommunicado before transportation to Guantanamo Bay.

Reprieve can now reveal that, only a few hours earlier, a second jet – bizarrely overlooked by the Lithuanian inquiry – flew in to Vilnius International Airport from another known secret prison site: Morocco. read more>>>

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