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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Lithuania and the CIA Rendition Programme

Lithuania faces legal action over prisons set up for CIA rendition programme
Lawyers acting for detained militant Abu Zubaydah have begun proceedings in the European court of human rights

27 October 2011 - The Lithuanian government is facing legal action in the European court of human rights over secret prisons that the CIA established in the country as part of its worldwide "extraordinary rendition" programme.

It becomes the third European government to face proceedings as a result of its support for the agency's operations, Macedonia and Poland having already been accused of breaches of the European convention on human rights.

The Lithuanian parliament has acknowledged that the CIA established two prisons with the help of the country's own security service, the SSD. One was at a riding school in a village 12 miles north of the capital, Vilnius, while the second is thought to have been at a guest house in Vlinius. The parliamentary report failed, however, to establish whether any prisoners had been held at the sites.

Lawyers representing the militant known as Abu Zubaydah say he was detained in Lithuania, and they began court proceedings in Strasbourg on Thursday. They allege that the Lithuanian government is guilty of multiple breaches of the European convention on human rights, first by allowing the CIA to fly Abu Zubaydah to the country and detain him in one of the secret prisons, and then by failing to investigate the matter itself. read more>>>

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