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Thursday, August 18, 2011

U.S. State Depart.: Country Reports on Terrorism 2010

As we and others created more hatreds, more groups have formed in more regions, many still under the needed propaganda of fear label al Qaeda, seeking blowback and retaliation against what our own terror wrought on innocent people! "Mission Accomplished" as to the previous administration of the cheney/bush with the destruction of Iraq and leaving Afghanistan to fester and grow more dangerous, importing those seeking revenge from Iraq!

Terror Report: Attacks Up, Deaths Down in 2010

Aug. 18, 2011 - Around the globe, the number of terror attacks in 2010 rose by approximately five percent, yet the number of lives claimed in those attacks dropped, according to a comprehensive report released today by the U.S. State Department.

The 250-plus page document, titled "Country Reports on Terrorism 2010," says that 13,200 people were killed in 11,500 attacks in 72 countries. A vast majority of the attacks -- approximately 75 percent -- took place in the Middle East and South Asia. The rise in attacks but decline in deaths is attributed in the report to fewer mass-casualty attacks and a significant increase of attacks that claimed no deaths.

Of the 13,200 people killed, 15 were private American citizens -- 13 of whom were killed in Afghanistan. In the largest attack against American civilians in 2010, six members of a medical mission were gunned down in a Taliban ambush in the Badakhshan Province in August. The Taliban reportedly claimed the workers in the Christian medical team were spies.

In the Western Hemisphere, both the number of terror attacks and deaths caused by them dropped by 25 percent compared to the year before. read more>>>

Terror Report: Attacks Up, Deaths Down in 2010

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