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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Australia: 'we need an inquiry into the Iraq war'

Wilkie's right ... we need an inquiry into the Iraq war

23 August 2011 - "I was witness to some of the greatest official misconduct in this country's history." (Andrew Wilkie, SBS documentary, Law & Disorder)

Last week Andrew Wilkie called for an inquiry into the Iraq war because there has never been a real examination of why Australia joined in the 2003 invasion of Iraq. The Government's response is not yet known. Will its response permit evil to meet retribution? Or will crime pay?

It's interesting to compare the Coalition's response to Hicks versus the call for an Iraq inquiry.

Hicks was taken in by a ruthless machine and tortured, and this week it is reported that John Howard refused a US government offer to have Hicks sent home so Australia could deal with him instead of the US. If that's true it's an outrage, not just a disgrace, and doubtless there will be more to come about that. But in the meantime Hicks is being pursued by Howard's wraiths because of a book that simply puts his side of the story. The Opposition pushed for that so hard that before the action under the Proceeds of Crimes Act was commenced against Hicks, the Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions told Senator Brandis, "I suspect your patience will be rewarded before too much longer". The joy of that reward may be short-lived if the Hicks submission to the United Nations Human Rights Committee gains appropriate attention. read more>>>

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