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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Poland Seeking Accountability for Illegal CIA Prisons {?}

Prosecutor preparing to charge former PM over CIA prison allegations?

State prosecutors investigating whether there were CIA prisons in Poland want to charge members of the Democratic Left Alliance (SLD) including former prime minister Leszek Miller with crimes against humanity, over their part in the alleged secret CIA prisons in Poland.

The Gazeta Wyborcza daily publishes documents today showing that Prosecutor Jerzy Mierzewski, who was dismissed from the case two weeks ago due to “administrative changes” said a state lawyer last week, wanted to charge members of the SLD government, in power during the time the alleged prisons existed in Poland (2002-05) for breaking Poland’s Constitution, unlawful imprisonment, as well as being party to crimes against humanity.

The documents reveal a list of questions which prosecutors are thought to have asked a panel of experts, who were then supposed to cross-check international law as to the legality of the detention of prisoners whom the CIA had identified as members of al-Qaeda.

The prosecutors are said to be investigating the case on the basis that they have enough evidence to allege the prison - said to have held and tortured suspected top al-Qaeda leaders near Szymany airport in north east Poland - actually existed.

“The questions contain certain established facts which have arisen from the case,” the anonymous source who handed over the questions told Gazeta Wyborcza.

There are ten questions on the list, drafted by prosecutors Robert Majewski and Jerzy Mierzewski, asking for an expert opinion on the following: {continued}

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