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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IHAT 'is a shambles' {?}

Iraq Historic Allegations team probe 'is a shambles'

14 June 2011 - Head of the Iraq Historic Allegations Team, Geoff White: "I simply do not accept that the difficulties we now face stem from failings on the part of IHAT"

The team investigating allegations UK troops abused Iraqi civilians has been called "a shambles".

Lawyers for the alleged victims say only one has been interviewed so far, despite the Iraq Historic Allegations (IHAT) team starting work in November.

Complainants are now refusing to co-operate - they say the investigators will not follow guidelines for interviewing vulnerable witnesses.

IHAT has denied these claims and says there is no basis for their decision.

The IHAT team has a staff of 83, of which 38 have been provided by private company G4S.

It will cost £7.5m over two years and aims to take statements from more than 140 alleged victims.

The Iraqi civilians complain the abuse happened between 2003 and late 2008. The allegations include sexual abuse, deprivation of food, water and sleep, prolonged solitary confinement and mock executions.
Interview attempts {continued}

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