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Friday, May 20, 2011

Iraq: Intel. Tried to Stop Iraq Dossier Exaggeration

Intelligence experts tried to stop Iraq dossier exaggeration

Documents reveal how defence intelligence staff fought against Labour government using Iraq dossier to make a case for war

20 May 2011 - Newly released documents reveal the full extent to which defence intelligence experts fought – with limited success – to prevent the Labour government exaggerating the September 2002 dossier on Iraq's weapons of mass destruction.

The disclosure follows the revelation last week that a senior defence intelligence officer told the Chilcot inquiry into the Iraq conflict that, contrary to the evidence of former government communications chief Alastair Campbell, the dossier was intended to make a case for war and intelligence had been exaggerated to make this case.

The new documents support these claims and longstanding allegations that the dossier was hardened up against the wishes of the intelligence community. The disclosure consists of more than 150 pages of communications from the Defence Intelligence Staff (DIS) during the process of drafting the dossier.

In addition, the Cabinet Office, which produced the dossier, has disclosed a further batch of documents from the DIS and others offering comments during the final stages of drafting.

The documents include an email from John Williams, the Foreign Office press secretary at the time, describing a revised draft dossier as persuasive and convincing but suggesting that it should "carry the argument" more vigorously. {continued}

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