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Friday, April 1, 2011

FBI and MI5 have opened a 'new Guantánamo' in Kampala?

Omar Awadh and the outsourcing of torture

Allegations of mistreatment of a Kenyan businessman suggest the FBI and MI5 have opened a 'new Guantánamo' in Kampala

People assist an injured man after two bombs exploded in Kampala, Uganda on 12 July 2010. Omar Awadh has been told by interrogators that they do not believe he was involved; yet his abusive detention continues. Photograph: Reuters

30 March 2011 - The UK government has promised an inquiry into past incidents of torture. But its complicity in abusive practices appears to continue, and as the Guardian reports, a recent case suggests that its worst practices have simply been outsourced to Africa.

Omar Awadh is a 38-year-old Kenyan businessman who was forcibly and secretly deported, or rendered, from Nairobi to Kampala, and charged with offences relating to the July 2010 Kampala bombings, where he faces the death penalty if convicted. While in Ugandan detention, Omar Awadh's lawyer says Awadh has been tortured in the presence members of the FBI, and interrogated by members of the UK's MI5 intelligence service, on matters that have nothing to do with the crimes he is accused of.

Omar Awadh's case raises serious concerns that the FBI is running – with British complicity – what is essentially a sort of decentralised, outsourced Guantánamo Bay in Kampala, under the cloak of legitimate criminal process. {continued}

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