In 2003 some 72% of Americans fully supported the Abandoning of the Missions and those Sent to Accomplish so extremely Quickly after 9/11!!

At least some 95%, if not more as less then 1% serve them, not only still support the, just below, total lack of Sacrifice, they ran from any and all Accountability and left everything still on the table to be continually used if the political/military want was still in play in future executive/legislative wants!!
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Saturday, February 12, 2011

U.S. World and Regional Credibility

This aired yesterday, 11 February 2011, morning prior to the results later in the day, night there, of the total collapse of the Mubarak reign of rule, but is pretty much spot on about us and especially that whole region of the planet and it's free people under autocratic rule supported by us.

U.S. Could Use Egypt To Boost Credibility, Some Say

"The great danger to the administration right now is that they might end up losing influence on both sides. They might lose influence with the autocrats we've been supporting for so long, but they might also lose influence with the protesters and the forces for democracy in freedom."

- Amjad Atallah, New America Foundation

February 11, 2011 - "We find ourselves in the worst of all possible worlds," he says, "with grand expectations and supporting very important values, but without the capacity and leverage to implement a preferred American outcome or even an outcome in Egypt that we can control."

Miller says this is part of a long trend for the U.S.; America's credibility, he argues, has been sinking to new lows.

"We are neither admired, respected or feared to the degree that we need to be in order to protect our interests, and the reality is — and this is just another demonstration of it — everybody in this region says no to America without cost or consequences," he says. "[Afghanistan's] Hamid Karzai says no, [Iraq's] Maliki on occasion says no, [Iran's] Khamenei says no, [Israel's] Netanyahu says no. Mubarak says no repeatedly."

U.S. credibility fell over the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, analysts say, and again last year when Israel rejected U.S. calls for a building freeze in the occupied West Bank. Egypt is one place where the U.S. can stop this decline, says Amjad Atallah of the New America Foundation. {continued}

Our problems within, domestic, are huge after the previous decade and extended back the couple prior to which led us to finally a couple of years ago almost total collapse.

But our problems Worldwide are even bigger, as a result of the previous decade, and we will feel the blowback for the decades to come!

That's our legacy placed right in the lap of those young generations here now and those to follow!

U.S. Credibility

Is what All the discussions in this Country should be now, and should have been the past decade, not trying to second guess nor shape what happens now in Egypt nor anywhere else.

Especially from almost All the media outlets and taking heads, they were the loudest of the cheering crowds that supported and followed the lies of justification the almost whole past decade while silencing those who were questioning!

And are still very supportive in many of the issues still damaging this country and it's society.

What happens now in Egypt and the other countries is up to the people and always has been, we can support and possibly help, but dictation as to where they go and pushing that is a long gone policy ideal!

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