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Monday, February 7, 2011

CCR: Bush Torture Indictment

Done In Our Names!!

Support Bush Torture Indictment & Help Ensure Accountability


On February 7, 2011, the ninth anniversary of the day former president George W. Bush decided the Geneva Conventions did not apply to so-called “unlawful combatants,” CCR released a Bush Torture Indictment. The Indictment provides a strong factual and legal basis to hold Bush accountable--in any of the 147 countries which have ratified the Convention Against Torture (CAT)--for having authorized torture . Learn about it, tell others, and help us build pressure to secure accountability for torture by top U.S. officials.

Description {continued}

CCR: Bush Torture Indictment -

Here are some of CCR's related docs in PDF below, the first link is the PDF of the above:

* Preliminary Bush Indictment 7 Feb 2011.pdf

* Bush Exhibits List.pdf

* Bush Denunciation Letter 7 Feb 2011 English .pdf

* Bush Denunciation Letter 7 Feb 2011 French.pdf

* Bush Denunciation letter 7 Feb 2011 Spanish.pdf

All of the above and more can be found at the CCR website of the Indictment where you can also add your support to their ongoing efforts on this and other important issues.

And over at the Veterans Today website Gordan Duff has written another of his takes of these events that have surrounded the former president and his crimes.



Former President George “W” Bush has been forced to cancel a highly paid speaking engagement to an Israeli group in Switzerland. Bush was going to be arrested as a war criminal. He is now fighting extradition. This will not be reported in any American mainstream media. {continued}

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