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Friday, January 28, 2011

Iraq War Inquiry: 'regime change not the goal' {?}

Iraq war inquiry: Top admiral told 'regime change not the goal' by Blair

Admiral Lord Boyce, UK's top officer during conflict, said he requested clarity from prime minister over invasion's aims

27 January 2011 - Britain's most senior military officer at the time of the invasion of Iraq told the Chilcot inquiry he repeatedly asked Tony Blair for an assurance that the war would be lawful and was emphatically assured the aim was never "regime change".

In striking contrast to previous evidence about the former prime minister's war aims, Admiral Lord Boyce said : "Our policy absolutely and specifically was not regime change".

Blair's closest advisers, including Sir David Manning have told the inquiry that the former prime minister assured President George Bush he was willing to undertake regime change. Lord Turnbull, cabinet secretary at the time, described Blair as a "regime changer".

Boyce made clear he was deeply concerned about the legality of an invasion. Lord Goldsmith had warned more than once that regime change was "not a legal basis for military action".

Boyce told the inquiry today: " I made it clear to the prime minister in January 2003 (once we had started to deploy our forces), that I would require an assurance of the legal base of the conflict. This was reiterated more than once in the following weeks, and formally and explicitly in March, once it became clear that it was probable that coalition forces would invade once political approval was obtained". {continued}

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