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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Iraq Inquiry: Transcripts from Private Hearings

Iraq Inquiry publishes transcripts from private hearings

17 January 2011 - Today, the Iraq Inquiry has published a number of documents. These include Lord Goldsmith’s witness statement, the transcripts of five private hearings, some correspondence and a number of declassified documents to assist public understanding of these transcripts and the witness statement.

The Inquiry has held the vast majority of its hearings in public. Hearings have only been held in private when the Inquiry has judged that there are grounds under its Protocol on hearing evidence in public and identifying witnesses which determined that evidence would need to be heard in private. For example when taking evidence which if heard in public would be likely to damage national security or harm international relations.

The Inquiry has considered how best to draw on and explain in public what was covered in private. It has sought the declassification of private hearing transcripts. Those which have been declassified will be published on the Inquiry’s website. In places redactions will need to be made in line with the Protocol between the Iraq Inquiry and the Government regarding Documents and Other Written and Electronic Information and the Inquiry’s Protocol for witnesses.

Today the Inquiry has published the transcripts of the private hearings with the following witnesses. {continued}

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