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Friday, January 21, 2011

Blair's legacy?

Violence still convulses Iraq

20 January 2011 - As Tony Blair faces more questions from the Iraq inquiry about his decision to go to war, risk consultant John Drake looks at the ongoing violence in Iraq that has left a hundred dead in recent days.

Over 100 people have been killed in several bomb attacks in Iraq over the past few days and several hundred more have been injured. These attacks come despite a drop-off in violence in previous months.

The attacks have targeted police recruits in Tikrit (the former hometown of Saddam Hussein) and also provincial council members and Shi'ah pilgrims around the city of Ba'qubah and Kerbala.

As the Iraq inquiry prepares to refocus its attentions on Tony Blair, Prime Minister during the time of the Iraq war, John Drake, an Iraqi-based British private security expert, looks at the state of the nation, what has led to this upsurge in violence, and what it means for Iraq's longer term future.

Notable attacks {continued}

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