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Monday, December 6, 2010

2006 Sweden Stopped CIA Rendition Flights

CIA rendition flights stopped by Swedish military

05 December 2010 - An acute diplomatic crisis broke out between the United States and Sweden in 2006 when Swedish authorities put a stop to CIA rendition flights, according to the latest revelation from Wikileaks.

Daily Svenska Dagbladet wrote Sunday that Swedish Military Intelligence posed as airport personnel and boarded one of the two controversial extraordinary rendition flights during a stopover at Stockholm’s Arlanda International Airport. The suspected prisoner transfers were confirmed.

A few days before the incident US charge d’affaires at the American Embassy in Stockholm, Steven V. Noble, was summoned by the Swedish Foreign Ministry and questioned about the planned stopover. The Swedish military also set down rules for stopovers.

Steven V. Noble wrote in cables reveled by WkiLeaks that the Swedish government reacted strongly because rules had not been followed.

A spokesperson from S├Ąpo, Swedish police Intelligence Service, confirmed parts the newspaper report, adding that there have been no more extraordinary rendition flights landing in Sweden since.

The U.S. rendition of two Egyptians from Sweden in 2001 was exposed a year later by an investigative TV pogramme and slammed by Swedish officials, international organizations and human rights groups after reports the prisoners were abused. {read rest}

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