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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Torture: Investigation {More} Required

He already did more damage in his term, along with his cronies, as to recruiting fighters in the fight to rid their countries of the occupying forces but he feels the need, apparently, to help recruit even more, coming under the banner of the feared al Qaeda, criminal international terrorist! The bush's work isn't done, oh 'bring 'em on' macho man others will fight!

Bush's admissions require investigation

12 November 2010 - So it's come to this.

Last week, I wrote about the mockery the Omar Khadr trial process has made of our commitment to international conventions and treaties.

This week we've been treated to the sight of a former United States president justifying his authorization of the use of torture on captured prisoners.

George W. Bush has been out pounding the pavement and the airwaves, shilling his book of memoirs titled Decision Points.

The irony is, the book and Bush's statements come during Remembrance Week, the time of year we mark the sacrifice made by our fellow citizens in uniform to defend our rights and freedoms.

Among other things, Bush the second writes that he approved of the use of waterboarding as an "enhanced" interrogation technique, a method which is widely considered torture.

Waterboarding, as most know by now, is a method to simulate drowning a prisoner. There is evidence, despite Bush's belief to the contrary, that it can cause permanent physical and emotional damage.

Earlier this week, Bush sat down with NBC's Matt Lauer in a nationally televised prime time interview about the book.

Lauer, to his credit, did try to get Bush to provide more detail on his views. For instance, he asked: "Would it be OK for a foreign country to waterboard an American citizen?" {read rest}

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