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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Army abuse claims 'will be tried'

No not here silly, across the pond where they're actually seeking accountability {or at least lookin like they are}, this 'christian?' nation don't go above any lower ranks!

Military prosecutions for Iraq torture 'if evidence'

2 November 2010 - Commanding officers may be charged with failing to prevent the abuse of Iraqi detainees if evidence comes to light.

Britain's senior military prosecutor told the BBC that any charges would not be confined to the lower ranks.

This week, lawyers for 140 Iraqis will ask the High Court to order a public inquiry into allegations of "systemic abuse".

But the Ministry of Defence (MoD) says all allegations are investigated and there is no need for an inquiry.

Despite widespread allegations of abuse in Iraq between March 2003 and December 2008, no officer has been convicted.

So far, for all the allegations made in Iraq, only a handful of prosecutions have been brought against troops accused of mistreating Iraqi civilians, such as Baha Mousa, the Iraqi hotel receptionist who died in British military custody in 2003.

The promise to bring charges against senior officers for failing to prevent abuse of Iraqis detained for interrogation came from Bruce Houlder QC, who is director of service prosecutions. {read rest}

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